Prinsignia provides various different types of procurement services. With a team of management experts, Prinsignia ensures that all sourcing and procurement needs are met. With on-demand support, Prinsignia works as an extra hand to any client team, saving them time and money. From branding and marketing materials to digital assets and office supplies, Prinsignia has the solutions to make sure all needs are met.



Branded Materials

In business, a strong personal brand is paramount. Whether it is a single or a multiple location company, brand recognition is first step to grow and evolve into one of the biggest companies of today.
With the Prinsignia Procurement software, companies have an easy-to-use system than ensures all their branded material looks, feels, and is produced in a consistent manner. Authorized client users can easily log on, enter the pertinent information,  and view a digital proof. If approved, the Prinsignia Procurement software will initiate the production process. In other words, for example, instead of spending hours designing business cards in Photoshop, the software does the busy work for you.



The Prinsignia team is continuously researching marketing trends to ensure that we can procure the most effective and up-to-date marketing material and help our clients in their growth. Coupled with its software system, Prinsignia enables clients to purchase the most relevant promotional products and marketing material with ease. It also allows clients to evaluate usage trends and assess the effectiveness of items.


Office Supplies

When considering how often office supplies are used in the course of a day, it becomes evident that tracking usage of things such as pens, staplers, and sticky notes can become quite the casualty, especially when companies have multiple locations. By using the Prinsignia Procurement Systems, companies now centralize the ordering process, office supplies can be ordered easily and securely, and items delivered to any location of choice. In other words, not only do companies receive the office supplies they need, but they also receive monthly reports on spending and can find ways to eliminate the extra costs.


Digital Assets

Prinsignia’s advanced procurement software allows you to enjoy some peace of mind when managing your digital assets. Our creative staff is able to assists with image creation, logos, branding, and digital form needs. Prinsignia Procurement streamlines digital integration for producing any type of digital asset straight from the source. It’s ready to go at any time, in a minutes notice.



Prinsignia Procurement comes with a full service, highly secure  warehouse in Southern California equipped to store all printing, office supply, and promotional product inventory. Or systems integrate seamlessly between online ordering, inventory management, and tracking distribution. When an order is placed online, the warehouse picks, packs, and ships directly to the end user locations. Users will be able to track their package in real-time on the Prinsignia Procurement site. The Prinsignia customer service staff is also available to track shipments and address any issue, should they arise. The state of the art facility and its staff is just another support system the software has to offer.

Business Intelligence

● Dynamic Data Access  ● Database Driven ● Custom Reporting  ● Knowledge Management


Cloud Based Service

Access and process orders in real-time anytime or place.
On a computer,  smart phone,  or tablet,  information is instantly transmitted. 


"Our Prinsignia Pro Lazy Dog Supply Co.  makes ordering supplies fun and easy! The site is user friendly, easy to navigate and designed to fit our brand." Dana B. , Lazy Dog Restaurants

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