Prinsignia  software systems  allow companies to better understand their internal business operations and decisions. The Procurement and Workflow systems aid to monitor, track, and report all business operations. The combination of the two provides an information filled hub to make sure all business operations run smoothly and cost effectively.

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Prinsignia Procurement Software

The Asset Management Solution

Efficiently manage, coordinate, and maintain assets among one or more locations.

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Prinsignia Projects

The Workflow Automation System

Streamline processes and workflows in one place. Provide an instantaneous information center for better organization and visibility.

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Prinsignia Procurement

Prinsignia Procurement allows businesses to see a consolidated picture of the time, money, and materials used in the course of a year. In business, it often becomes difficult to manage, optimize, and integrate necessary collateral and supplies. Prinsignia Procurement encompasses all aspects of a day in the office, and coupled with its analytics and reporting capabilities, provides a quick and easy way to make sure your business is doing nothing but growing.

With Prinsignia Procurement, businesses not only receive a licensed customized software, but they also receive a team of expertly trained customer service representatives. With a support team on call, it eliminates the need for businesses to spend extra time finding the right fit for procurement needs.

Our knowledge and experience with promotional products, print materials, and office supplies allows us to be a distributor and manager for any procurement needs. Click below and find out how we can help you grow.
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Prinsignia Projects

Prinsignia Projects is a state of the art ERP system that helps define business processes, securely store business data, track workflow, and create analysis reports. Prinsignia Projects serves as an executive dashboard: it keeps employees informed, aids in production control and purchasing, and provides simple reporting and analysis tools.

Using Prinsignia Projects will keep companies organized and help take them to the next step. Enabling them to have access to all of their company-wide information in one central area provides multiple solutions to expand into new markets.

Benefits of Prinsignia Projects include:

  • It manages, tracks, and distributes information across multiple platforms
  • It saves time, which in turn saves money
  • It automates reporting for multiple departments: accounting, sales, marketing, production, etc
  • It offers analytics to grow business intelligence
  • It is a scalable solution with client-specific options
  • It simplifies business processes and tracks progress and workflow
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